The brand stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Murano glass, creating unique pieces that highlight its timeless beauty and versatility. Situated in Milan and with its roots on the legendary island of Murano, the brand’s name encapsulates the early morning dedication of artisans igniting their workshop furnaces, symbolizing the preservation of a centuries-old legacy.

6:AM Glassworks is a design brand redefining Murano glassmaking by integrating traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics.

The creative duo leading 6:AM, Edoardo Pandolfo and Francesco Palù, established the brand in 2018. Through their work, 6:AM aspires towards continuous innovation and research. The brand has realized complex and ambitious projects, from immersive architectural installations to precious sculptural objects, satisfying the expectations of the most demanding creatives in the design industry. This is accomplished by collaborating with prominent creatives for their collections and creating bespoke projects, highlighting the brand's versatility and ambition. Today, 6:AM distinguishes itself through its unique product range, commitment to innovation, and constant aspiration towards the future.

Founders: Edoardo Pandolfo - Francesco Palù


Maria Elena Perrotta - Sales
Giovanna Dipaola - Communication / Marketing
Ilaria Zampieri - Design
Simone Scoccimarro - Production
Amanda Smith - Logistics
Linda Vertemati - Accounting

For enquiries:

General information: [email protected]
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Accounting: [email protected]
Communication: [email protected]
PR office: [email protected]