6am Glassworks is an indispensable partner for designers looking to create with Murano glass. We offer a start to finish consultancy, by first advising creatives on existing techniques, materials and finishes, then resolving any structural questions and finally by following the process through production, quality control and installation.

Working with great specialists

The first step is to understand the project objectives, your goals and vision. Then to transform your concept into a practical execution plan and schematic drawings ready for fabrication. The third step is to structure the production methodology in a way that meets the design and budget specifications. Throughout the entire process we’ll guide you on a learning journey to understand the most innovative glass techniques to find the best “recipe” for you. From objects to installations, from one off to editions of all scales.

Technique Highlights


Opaline glass is a special colour, it appears milky white, but the light warms it up and turns it peach orange. Its main ingredient used to be arsenic, highly toxic but has been replaced by other minerals thanks to the green policies adopted in recent years.

Technique Highlights


INCAMICIATO is glass covered with a thin vitreous layer of a different colour. Often used to turn a transparent colour opaque by adding it to a white lattimo base. the layering process can be repeated many times to mix different colours and create new shades.

Technique Highlights


When a large amount of melted glass is taken from the furnace and thrown into ice-cold water it freezes and cracks, shattering in glass rocks called cotissi. They are often re-used as a catalyst for a new mixture.